Dynamic Storm Simulation

PCSWMM simulates dynamic storms with high spatial and temporal resolution. It fully supports the processing, calibration, manipulation and conversion of radar-rainfall data (e.g., rainfall disaggregation, discretization, transposition and more).

Simulation of dynamic storms with high spatial and temporal resolution is made possible in PCSWMM with full support for processing and calibrating radar rainfall data. Full manipulation and data conversion support is provided, including rainfall disaggregation, discretization, transposition, etc.

  • Automate the acquisition of real-time WSR-88D (NEXRAD) radar products, Environment Canada radar products, and custom radar data formats
  • Process and filter radar rainfall, with flexible Z-R relationships
  • Ground-truth radar data sets with rain gage networks with a flexible mean-field bias removal tool.
  • Manage massive long term continuous radar-rainfall data sets with the open standards-based PCSWMM spatial rainfall repository
  • Calculate and assess the impact of storm speed and direction on drainage system response
  • Quickly access high resolution historical rainfall data for all US counties
  • Merge, transpose, edit and uniformly discretize rainfall data from any source
  • Full read/write support provided for NEXRAD, NCDC 3260/3240, AES, HEC-DSS, database, spreadsheet, data-logger, CSV (delimited text) and other rainfall data formats.