If you're a full-time post-secondary academic, our Educational Grant Program is an excellent way for you to access CHI services and resources.

Available worldwide, our Educational Grant Program:


The CHI grant program provides you with long-term access to PCSWMM for teaching and/or research purposes. Renewable every 12 months through grant renewal program.


You must be a post-secondary undergraduate/graduate student, faculty member, or researcher to apply. A post-secondary email address is required and you must provide evidence of full-time status (e.g., student number) or other proof of affiliation, and the name and email address of your academic program’s Advisor/Director/Chair/Dean.


An educational license does not include direct technical support. Instead, you have access to the PCSWMM Support site, an online resource library that provides you with:

  • 'Getting Started' exercises
  • 'How-To' articles
  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars

All software download instructions will be sent to the grant recipient via email. For any questions about licensing or downloads, please email grant@chiwater.com.

Grant Recipient Obligations

As a grant recipient, you agree that PCSWMM is not to be used for commercial purposes. Usage is restricted to post-secondary research/education purposes only.

As a grant recipient, you are requested to:
  • Provide CHI with a digital copy of research results obtained with PCSWMM (thesis report, conference paper/presentation, journal article)
  • Include proper citation of PCSWMM in any published paper
  • Provide CHI with a short progress report when requesting your grant renewal

After concluding your research, we also ask that you submit a report that evaluates your experience with PCSWMM, indicating likes/dislikes and any suggestions for improvement. These user evaluations are vital to future development of the software. View example report.


For grant specific inquiries, please contact grant@chiwater.com or call us at 1-519-767-0197, ext 1004.


Grant Application Form


Provide contact information for the grantee. If you don’t have a student number, you will be asked to provide proof of affiliation to the post-secondary institution. Please use the institution’s mailing address on your application.

* *

Provide contact information for the Advisor/Chair/Dean/Director of your department. Ensure that you inform your Advisor/Chair/Dean/Director as they will be copied on future correspondence and will need to sign the Notice of Award.

* *

Please explain your grant request in detail, including the support you are interested in receiving: