Flood Forecasting

PCSWMM Real-Time* provides accurate near-term (2–3 hours) and generalized long-term (24+ hours) forecasting of rainfall, runoff, flows and water levels. These detailed real-time models can be leveraged for other uses, such as floodplain delineations, remediation studies and master planning.
* At additional cost — contact us.

PCSWMM Real-Time provides flood forecasting for watershed, storm sewer and/or sanitary sewer networks. The system provides accurate near-term (2-3 h) and generalized long-term (24 h +) forecasting of rainfall, runoff, flows, and water levels throughout the system, whether it is river-based, sewer-based, or both.

With support for raingage calibrated radar rainfall, integrated 1D-2D surface modeling, distributed or lumped hydrology, groundwater, snowmelt, and highly detailed hydraulic modeling of river systems and/or urban drainage systems, PCSWMM Real-Time's real-time hydrologic/hydraulic models can be leveraged for multiple purposes beyond flood forecasting, including floodplain delineations, remediation studies and masterplanning.

Input function support includes real-time radar and raingage data, as well as real-time flow gages and climatology inputs (temperature, windspeed). Real-time control of gates, pumps, etc. is provided through control rules, or real-time operator inputs. Groundwater can be modeled, as well as snowmelt. Based on a real-time continuous modeling approach, antecedent conditions are preserved, and computed forecasts are updated every 5 minutes during wet weather.

PCSWMM Real-Time's GIS engine provides instantaneous animations of forecasted flood inundation extents, as well as flood vulnerable asset analysis. The decision support environment is web based with anywhere access through excellent mobile device support and automated communications.

PCSWMM's Real-Time approach can be divided into 4 components, all of which are included in a PCSWMM Real-Time server license (contact CHI for more information and pricing):

Radar Acquisition, Processing, & Forecasting

(PCSWMM RAP & NEXRAD WSR-88D weather radar)

  • Leverages the spatial resolution and remote sensing capabilities of radar
  • Produces rain gauge-calibrated radar rainfall from your network of raingages
  • Determines storm speed and direction
  • Forecasts and area-weights spatially distributed rainfall up to 3 hours ahead

Real-Time Flood Modeling

(PCSWMM Real-Time and EPA SWMM5)

  • Automates the importing of existing flood models (e.g. HEC-RAS, Visual Otthymo, etc)
  • Integrates storm sewers, river/streams, overland flow and/or wastewater systems
  • Supports integrated 1D-2D modeling, groundwater, snowmelt, surcharging, back water effects, surcharging and reverse flow
  • Provides real-time operation of gates, pumps and dams
  • Accomodates any level of discretization, from coarse lumped models, to highly detailed hydrologic/hydraulic modeling
  • Supports multi-core processors and includes a built-in computational grid for massive parallelization

Flood Inundation Analysis and Forecasting

(PCSWMM Real-Time)

  • Generates real-time and forecasted flood inundation extents for surface flooding (river-based floodplain inundation or storm sewer-based surface flooding, including real-time animation)
  • Provides real-time and forecasted flood vulnerable asset analysis (likelyhood and extent of impact)
  • Animates dynamic hydraulic gradelines for entire system (river, overland and/or pipe networks)
  • Reports statistics and metrics through tables and plots
  • Automates data export to third party applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, etc.)

Web-based spatial decision support

(PCSWMM Real-Time)

  • Provides immediate, anywhere access to real-time and forecasted:
    • spatial precipitation estimates
    • flood inundation
    • flood vulnerable asset analysis
    • unlimited graphs and hydraulic profiles of key locations, and
    • tables of statistics
  • Supports unlimited users, with group permission levels
  • Adapts to multiple form factors, including:
    • desktop screens
    • large wall-mounted monitors
    • smart phones and tablets (with full multi-touch support)
  • Completely customizable
  • Includes an optional public education component with time lines showing historical flood events through pictures, videos, documents, etc. as well as current water levels, etc.