Detention Pond Design

Easily determine the size and configuration of effective detention ponds and their appurtenances for flood control and water quality protection. Ponds may be arbitrarily shaped and distributed around the catchment – in series, parallel or both – and may be operated according to arbitrary rules.

Sizing detention facilities and their appurtenances for flood control and water quality protection is easy in PCSWMM.

  • Instantly determine required storage volume (to match pre-development peak flow or other criteria) with the storage optimizer tool
  • Flexibly model outlet structures using either empirical rating curves or accurate, deterministic modeling of multiple physical outlet structures
  • Accurately model backwater effects, tailwater submergence, energy losses and more
  • Analyze the cumulative impact of multiple detention facilities on the larger drainage system
  • Compare pre and post development hydrology in graphs, HGL profiles and reports
  • Account for Low Impact Development (LID) practices
  • Create design storms for both major and minor events with the comprehensive storm distribution library in the Design Storm Creator tool, including standard SCS, Huff, AES, Chicago, etc. as well as locally-required design storm distributions
  • Model pond infiltration/exfiltration and evaporation
  • Model irrigation, routing pumped water back onto subcatchments.
  • Efficiently test the hydraulic design with simultaneous running of multiple design storms in the same time it takes for a single SWMM run (with multi-core CPU support)
  • Optimize storage and outlet parameters efficiently and easily using the unique sensitivity-based radio-tuning calibration and optimization utility
  • Verify pollutant removal and/or seasonal behavior through comparison of long term continuous scenarios with an unlimited number of quality constituents