Integrated Catchment/Watershed Modeling

Perform integrated catchment/watershed management modeling with ease, including constituent rural areas, river systems, urban sewer systems, treatment plants, ponds, LIDs and receiving waters. Plan, analyze, design and manage unified sewer systems integral with natural areas and drainage.

In addition to detailed, separate urban and watershed modeling, PCSWMM provides the unique opportunity to integrate urban storm/combined sewers and watershed models, with dynamic interaction.

  • Utilize quick sub-model creation/analysis and model merging tools to allow detailed study of sub-areas or sub-systems and easy merging of multiple models
  • Create comprehensive macro models that include natural or rural areas, river systems, urban drainage systems, storage, treatment and receiving waters
  • Efficiently manage large (100,000+ entity) data sets with PCSWMM's powerful, scalable GIS engine
  • Automate the delineation of subcatchments and the creation of open channels from digital elevation models
  • Accurately represent flooded areas with integrated 1D-2D modeling
  • Incorporate dynamic, spatially variable rainfall with raingage-calibrated radar rainfall
  • Account for groundwater interflow, pollutant build-up, wash-off, routing and removal, real-time control, modeling, backwater effects from receiving channels